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Wera Kraftform Kompakt H 1 Specific - Woodcraft
Wera Kraftform Kompakt H 1 Specific - Woodcraft


Wera Kraftform Kompakt H 1 Woodcraft in compact textile box.

-41 piece Compact Tool Set with featuring the most important screwdriving tools for jobs involving wood.
-Bit-Holding Screwdriver with fine-tooth ratcheting function,maximum torque 50 Nm and bit take-up with rapidaptor technology.
-The Zyklop Mini Bit Ratchet is deceptively strong with a fine tooth and reversible ratchet mechanism.
-Capable of taking 100Nm of torque this really could be the strongest mini bit ratchet on the market.
-Ideal for access in tight spaces needing only 27mm clearance when using a 25mm screwdriver bit.
-A grooved thumbwheel allows even greater versatility if there is no space to move the shaft.
-Wera's ductile, tough and absorbing screwdriver bits are made from high quality and high strength materials.
-The unique hardening processes makes them incredibly hard wearing and the first choice for the professional.
-Hard wearing, premium quality & longer life bits due to the unique precision hardening process.
-Surface-protecting, compact textile box, highly robust and lightweight for increased portability

Contains: 816 R Ratchet screwdriver 1/4"x142.0
8001 A Zyklop mini 1 bit ratchet 1/4" SB with 1/4" drive 1/4"x87.0
870/1 Adaptor 1/4"x25
8794 SA Zyklop extension with free-turning sleeve, short 1/4"x75.0
8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" sockets (1 x 5.5x23.0, 1 x 6.0x23.0, 1 x 7.0x23.0,
1 x 8.0x23.0, 1 x 10.0x23, 1 x 12.0x23, 1 x 13.0x23)
893/4/1 K Universal bit holder 1/4"x50
851/4 Z PH (1 x PH 1x89, 1 x PH 2x89, 1 x PH 3x89)
855/4 Z PZ (1 x PZ 1x89, 1 x PZ 2x89, 1 x PZ 3x89)
855/1 Z PZ (1 x PZ 1x25, 1 x PZ 2x25, 1 x PZ 3.25)
867/4 Z TORX BO (1 x TX 10x89, 1 x TX 15x89, 1 x TX 20x89, 1 x TX 25x89, 1 x TX 30x89)
867/1 Z TORX (1 x TX 20x25, 1 x TX 25x25)
840/4 Z Hex-Plus (1 x 3.0x89, 1 x 4.0x89, 1 x 5.0x89, 1 x 6.0x89)
800/4 Slotted Z bit (1 x 1.0x5.5x89)
800/1 Slotted Z bit (1 x 1.0x5.5x25)
849 HSS twist wood drill bits (1 x 3.0x70.0, 1 x 4.0x74.0, 1 x 5.0x85.0,
1 x 6.0x95.0, 1 x 8.0x110.0)
247 Single-pole voltage tester (1 x 0.5x3.0x70)
1441 Screw gripper attachment for screwdriver blades, long bits and L-Keys.
with holding function for screws (1 x 4.5-6.0x41.0)

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WER135939 Wera Kraftform Wood Tool Set Each (41 Piece)
£121.92 (£146.30 inc VAT)
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