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Wera 897 R Bit Holder Impaktor - Magnetic
Wera 897 R Bit Holder Impaktor - Magnetic


Impaktor holder with retaining ring and ring magnet.

-Impaktor holder to cushion extreme impulse peaks, special torsion effect from the double-torsion spring,
-Fitted with retaining ring and magnet for secure positioning of the bit and screw.
-The Impaktor technology ensures an above-average service life even under extreme conditions.
-It is also ideal for above-head work.
-Should the magnet function not be required in a particular situation e.g. when working with metal, it can be extracted from the screwdriving area and thereby be “disabled”.
-Mainly used in manual power tool applications.
-Two Torsion zones double the life of screwdriver bits, use Impaktor bits for TriTorsion!
-Ringmagnet sleeve slides forward to hold screws up to 10" long
-Spin sleeve allows the steadying of the screw start.
-For the heaviest duty jobs in all powertools and high voltage impact drivers.

-Length: 75mm
-Drive: 1/4"

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WER057676 Wera Bitholder Impaktor Each (Magnetic)
£15.96 (£19.15 inc VAT)
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