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Wera 897 Bit Holder Impaktor - Ring Magnet
Wera 897 Bit Holder Impaktor - Ring Magnet


Impaktor bit holder with retaining ring and magnet.

-The Impaktor stainless steel holder with a retaining ring and magnet satisfies extreme, dynamic requirements
-Consciously no small mechanical component parts fitted as they would be more susceptible to failure.
-It focuses on the basic bit holding function and the cushioning of the extreme impulse peaks with its two different torsion zones.
-Mainly used in industrial screw assembly applications e.g. with screwdriving robots.
-Two Torsion zones double the life of screwdriver bits, use Impaktor bits for TriTorsion!
-Strong retaining ring and magnet spin sleeve allows the steadying of the screw start
-For best results, use the holder with Wera Impaktor bits
-For the heaviest duty jobs in all powertools and high voltage impact drivers

-Length: 75mm
-Drive: 1/4"

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WER057675 Wera Bitholder Impaktor Each (Ringmagnet)
£15.06 (£18.07 inc VAT)
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