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Self Tapping Screw - Countersunk - Zinc Plated - Box
Self Tapping Screw - Countersunk - Zinc Plated - Box


Self-Tapping Screw Countersunk Head.
Head: Countersunk pozi compatible drive.
Finish: Zinc Plated.

-Countersunk head will fit flush into pre-countersunk holes or will contersink into soft wood or timber.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
STCSK16ZP Self Tapper BZP 1"x6 Box 200 3.5x25 Csk Head
£1.52 (£1.82 inc VAT)
STCSK18ZP Self Tapper BZP 1"x8 Box 200 4.2x25 Csk Head
£2.03 (£2.44 inc VAT)
STCSK124ZP Self Tapper BZP 1/2"x4 Box 200 2.9x13 Csk Head
£0.62 (£0.74 inc VAT)
STCSK126ZP Self Tapper BZP 1/2"x6 Box 200 3.5x13 Csk Head
£1.07 (£1.28 inc VAT)
STCSK346ZP Self Tapper BZP 3/4"x6 Box 200 3.5x19 Csk Head
£1.31 (£1.57 inc VAT)
STCSK348ZP Self Tapper BZP 3/4"x8 Box 200 4.2x19 Csk Head
£1.68 (£2.02 inc VAT)
STCSK384ZP Self Tapper BZP 3/8"x4 Box 200 2.9x9.5 Csk Head
£0.81 (£0.97 inc VAT)
STCSK1128ZP Self Tapper BZP 1 1/2"x8 Box 200 4.2x38 Csk Head
£2.61 (£3.13 inc VAT)
STCSK1148ZP Self Tapper BZP 1 1/4"x8 Box 200 4.2x32 Csk Head
£2.22 (£2.66 inc VAT)
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