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Chemical Anchor Resin - Styrene Free
Chemical Anchor Resin - Styrene Free


Chemical Anchor Resin (Syrene free)
Heavy duty chemical anchoring system.
Finish: Grey.

-Rapid curing resin injection system offers a totally stress free fixing system for many types of application.
-Ideal where a vibration-proof bond is required.
-The tube is supplied with a mixer nozzle eliminating the need to mix the mortar on site.
-Widely used where a waterproof bond is required.
-Can also be used as a high impact adhesive.
-Excellent adhesion and rapid strength gain.
-Corrosion resistant.
-Low temperature cure and resistant to thermal cycling.
-A high strength, fast curing, thixotropic grout/adhesive.
-Can be used with a standard gun.
-Styrene free resin is virtually odourless.
-The plastic cartridge contains a base polyester resin and a catalyst consisting of an organic peroxide and inert fillers in a paste form.
-Suitable for setting chemical anchor studs for the anchoring of machinery.
-Ideal for permanent installation of reinforcement, doweling and starter bars, foundation bolts, handrails, safety fences, wall ties, rail tracks and tie-back anchors.
-Wire brushes are required for smoother substrates to allow better adhesion.

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RESINSF300 Resin Cartridge & Nozzle 300ml Each Styrene Free
£5.59 (£6.71 inc VAT)
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