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Expansion Wall Plugs - Rimless - Bag
Expansion Wall Plugs - Rimless - Bag


A range of nylon rimless plugs to suit screw sizes 2.6-12.0mm.
Finish: Grey Nylon.

-For medium to heavy-duty applications.
-Larger sizes suitable for use with coach screws.
-Often used when fixing satellite dishes.
-Can be inserted to depths below the base material.
-Two way expansion allows use on close to edge applications.
-Sprung spin fins provide a two way lock, preventing spinning and loosening from overhead applications.

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
100RIM525 Expansion Plug Rimless M5x25 100 Per Bag
£0.73 (£0.88 inc VAT)
100RIM630 Expansion Plug Rimless M6x30 100 Per Bag
£0.92 (£1.10 inc VAT)
100RIM840 Expansion Plug Rimless M8x40 100 Per Bag
£1.60 (£1.92 inc VAT)
50RIM1050 Expansion Plug Rimless M10x50 10 Bags Per Box ( 50 Per Bag)
£1.56 (£1.87 inc VAT)
25RIM1260 Expansion Plug Rimless M12x60 10 Bags Per Box ( 25 Per Bag)
£1.51 (£1.81 inc VAT)
25RIM1475 Expansion Plug Rimless M14x75 25 Per Bag
£2.14 (£2.57 inc VAT)
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