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Wera Kraftform Kompakt Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set
Wera Kraftform Kompakt Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set


Wera Kraftform Kompakt Zyklop Speed in belt pouch.

-The Zyklop Speed ratchet has a "flywheel" head design and freewheel spin-sleeve that increases operational speed by up to 5 times.
-Fine 72 tooth 5° ratchet mechanism allows work in the most confined spaces and is reversible using the thumb wheel switch.
-The unconventional ratchet design allows huge torque transfer capabilities, so increased service life and performance.
-Swivel ratchet head offers five lockable positions and has a socket lock and quick release function.
-The Kraftform multi-component handle is designed to deliver extra comfort during intensive use, especially when high torque is being transferred.
-The Kraftform handle is impervious to all workshop fluids, and cannot detach from the shaft.
-Set doubles up as a bit set and ratchet screwdriver set using the accessories included in the high quality storage pouch with belt loop.
-Zyklop ratchet; Fine Tooth, High Torque, High Speed, Swivel Head, Quick Release & Ball Lock
-Ultra strong and fine ratchet mechanism to withstand the most challenging jobs.
-Ratchet swivel head pivots freely and can be locked into 0°, 15° and 90° angles.
-Patented Spin Sleeves and Kraftform Handle allow incredibly fast turning.
-Using the bit adaptor and high grade steel bits, the ratchet can be turned into a screwdriver.

Contains: 8000 A Zyklop speed ratchet with 1/4" drive 1/4"x152.0
8784 A1 Zyklop bit adaptor 1/4"x1/4"x37.0
8794 LA Zyklop extension with free-turning sleeve, long 1/4"x150.0
851/4 TZ PH (1 x PH 1x50, 1 x PH 2x50, 1 x PH 3x50)
855/4 TZ PZ (1 x PZ 1x50, 1 x PZ 2x50)

867/4 Z TORX (1 x TX 10x50, 1 x TX 15x50, 1 x TX 20x50, 1 x TX 25x50, 1 x TX 27x50, 1 x TX 30x50)
800/4 Z (1.0x5.5x50)
840/4 Z Hex-Plus (1 x 3.0x50, 1 x 4.0x50, 1 x 5.0x50, 1 x 6.0x50)
8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" sockets (1 x 5.5x23, 1 x 6.0x23, 1 x 7.0x23, 1 x 8.0x23,
1 x 10.0x23, 1 x 12.0x23, 1 x 13.0x23)

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WER051045 Wera Kraftform Ratchet Bit Set Each (26 Piece)
£77.04 (£92.45 inc VAT)
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