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Wera Bit-Check 30 Impaktor 1 BC - PH/PZ/TX/SL
Wera Bit-Check 30 Impaktor 1 BC - PH/PZ/TX/SL


Wera Bit-Check 30 Impaktor 1

-Impaktor bit set contains the premium TriTorsion Bit Holder with optional Ringmagnet function to hold screws up to 10" long.
-Complemented by additional screwdriver bit sizes from the high quality Wera bit range.
-Stored in a slim & compact easy open case for tool security & easy bit selection.
-Specifically designed for cordless impact drivers, these bits are suited to the heaviest duty jobs.
-Diamond coated for anti cam-out, the patented Impaktor system is unrivalled in performance.
-The TriTorsion system means that together the bit and holder have three torsion zones.
-Absorbs the stresses applied by constant use in heavy duty impact drivers.
-Due to the precision hardening processes, the life of the screwdriver bits is dramatically increased.
-Wera's hex screwdriver bits feature the patented Hex-Plus® profile, this allows the user to apply up to 20% more torque without damaging the fastener.

Contains: 897/4 Impaktor R Holder 1/4" x 75
851/1 IMP DC (2 x PH 1x25, 3 x PH 2x25, 2 x PH 3x25)
855/1 IMP DC (2 x PZ 1x25, 3 x PZ 2x25, 2 x PZ 3x25)
867/1 IMP DC (1 x TX 10x25, 1 x TX 15x25,
2 x TX 20x25, 3 x TX 25x25, 2 x TX 30x25, 2 x TX 40x25)
840/1 IMP DC (1 x 3,0x25, 1 x 4,0x25, 1 x 5,0x25, 1 x 6,0x25)

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WER057690 Wera Bitchecks Impaktor BC Each (30P)
£56.70 (£68.04 inc VAT)
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