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MEXCO Tri-Purpose Diamond Blades TPXCEL
MEXCO Tri-Purpose Diamond Blades TPXCEL


The TPX-Tri-purpose diamond blade ensures that you have the correct diamond blade for the most common applications already mounted on your saw.
The castellated segment design ensures quick stock clearance and a clean finish.
In addition to its other attributes it also has a revolutionary electroplated diamond grit design which extends from the blade centre protecting the core when being used in abrasive applications.
10mm segment wiht TCT undercutting protection.
Electroplated diamond grit for core protection.

- Segment: 10mm
- Segment Type: Castellated
- Segment Attachment: Laser Welded
- Gullet: Keyhole
- Usage: Wet & Dry
- Ventilation: No

Applications: *Medium Facing Brick, Hard Slate, River Gravel Aggregate Concrete, Flint Aggregate Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Concrete Kerbs, Concrete Slabs,
Reinforced Lintels, Hard Limestone, Limestone Aggregate Concrete, Concrete Paviours, Soft Facing Brick, Concrete Blocks Over 15kn, Hard Sandstone, Soft Slate,
Medium Sandstone, Concrete Roof Tiles, Concrete With Med Sharp Sandstone, Coarse Sandstone, Asphalt Over Concrete, Shallow Concrete Screed, Breeze Block

**Ductile Iron, Granite, Class A Engineering Brick, Clay Paviours, Clay Pipes Vitrified, Clay Roof Tiles, Quarry Tiles, Non Abrasive Indian Sandstone, Hard Facing Brick,
Concrete Bloc Under 15kn, Green Concrete, Lignacite Blocks, Asphalt

*Recommended to cut these materials
**Will cut these materials with the possibility of reduced lifetime/glazing

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
MEXTPXCEL23022 Diamond Blade 230mm Each Tri-Purpose XCEL
£72.03 (£86.44 inc VAT)
MEXTPXCEL30020 Diamond Blade 300mm Each Tri-Purpose XCEL
£120.05 (£144.06 inc VAT)
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