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Dormer Stub Drill Double Ended (A119) Dormer Stub Drill Double Ended (A119)

HSS Double Ended Sheet Metal Stub Drill

- For machining of sheet metal and thin section work up to x1.5 diameter.
- Shorter flute length for improved strength and flexibility.
- 120° point angle.
- Steam tempered finish for improved wear resistance.
- Manufactured to DIN1897 standards (overall length)

Dormer HSS Drill for Aluminium (A120) Dormer HSS Drill for Aluminium (A120)

HSS Straight Shank Quick Spiral Drill for Aluminium.

- For machining of aluminium up to x4 diameter.
- Quick spiral aids rapid swarf evacuation.
- 130° point angle for excellent positional accuracy and hole quality.
- Bright finish.
- Manufactured to BS328/DIN338 standards.

Dormer Stub Drill Spot Weld (A723) Dormer Stub Drill Spot Weld (A723)

HSCO Spot Weld Stub Drill

- For removing spot welds.
- Designed specifically for the removal of spotwelds on body panels.
- Particularly useful for any industry involved in the repair and dismantling of bodywork.
- Manufactured from high speed cobalt to with stand high temperatures and prolong tool life.
- 180° point angle with special lip and spur point enabling positive location on curved surfaces.
- Thick web maximises tool rigidity.
- Rounded flutes aid efficient chip transportation away from the work piece.