Wood Screw Suppliers

By name that is broadly known as Leofixings, UK, we are an established company and a leading supplier of wood screws, fasteners and fixings. We have attained this by the simple philosophy of offering customers extensive varieties of high quality screws products in standard and non-standard dimensions and sizes.

Wood screws are in use since the 15th century and in today’s era there are many varieties for multiple uses. They are better than nails for fastening wood and with the treatment of power tools, can easily be driven. They are fabricated according to a gauge system and range for indoors or outdoors.

We have comprehensive selection of these screws which are commonly used perfunctory woodworking fasteners. The two most common head types for wood screws are slotted and Phillips. The Phillips headed screws have flat head and round head. The slotted headed screws are categorized in three designs as flat head, oval head and round head.

We market the wood screws which are recognized for their fastening force that they provide to reinforce a joint. They are also used to fasten hinges, hardware articles, padlocks and other allied gadgets.

The suppliers sell many different types of screws. However, we are dealers for certain premium quality of screws that are appropriate for woodworking. Even as all wood screws have an assertive thread for clutching and holding the wood, are depending upon the length, head type and gauge of the screws selected for the purpose.

We keep exhaustive stock of wood screws made of hardened steel, in brass and stainless steel as also with coatings to help prevent corrosion. These materials give our products longer service life, resistance to wear and tear, dimensional accuracy and strength.