Timber Decking Screws

In the construction of the timber deck one requires the nails, screws, bolts and other kinds of deck fasteners to hold your project together making it strong and permanent for years to come.

Because the wood used out doors is exposed to all kinds of weather, metal fasteners such as nails, screws, bolts and connectors are required need to be highly corrosive resistant.

The timber screws are exceptionally toughened and lubricated for excellent results and designed with deep thread for superior grip. Its teeth on lower threads penetrate into the timber eradicating the need for pilot holes and avoiding ripping. The upper thread clamps the decking permitting the boards to be strongly held together even in the hardest of hardwoods. They save time and help giving a safe and consistent fixing.

It is evident that screws are improved choice than nails for many reasons. They provide better gripping power and strength than nails and can get rid of the indentations frequently caused in the wood from hammering.

Timber decking screws could be removed without damaging the timber so that the possibility of discarding the board is rare. Timber or Deck screws have a bugle shaped head and assertive threads. Square drive bit screws are preferred choice as they are easier to drive.

Galvanized screws work well on pressure treated lumber while the better choice with redwood is stainless steel, western red cedar and tropical hardwoods. Complex decking can usually be fitted with galvanized fasteners.

The timber screws are lubricated for faster and easier driving. The ground screws are galvanized to meet global standards, so they will easily outlast the timber decking.