Hex Nuts

A nut is a sort of hardware fastener with a threaded hole. Nuts are virtually used opposite a partner bolt to fasten a stack of parts collectively.

The universal shape of nut is hexagonal known as Hex Nut, is manufactured with 6 sides. Distinct to the hex nuts, the square nuts have four sides and once were very common. However, they have been gradually replaced by hex nuts.

Hex nuts are classified with strength ratings congruent with their respective bolts. There are wide ranges of hexagon thin nuts which are extensively used in heavy duty functions as also to achieve various industrial objectives. They are available in different sizes, dimensions, lengths, thicknesses and standards including customized need.

These nuts are manufactured using with internationally acclaimed premium quality stainless steel, nickel alloy and are branded for their remarkable cutting edge and characteristics such as corrosion resistance, longer service life and ability to endure severe weather conditions.

There are wide selections of Hexagon Castle Nuts which are corrosion resistant and require minimum maintenance. They are specifically designed for whole range of water pumps and their spares.

Besides this, there numerous verities of hex nuts that are available with industry technical specifications such as slotted nuts, break nuts, coupling nuts, thin nuts, wing nuts, cap nuts, steel coupling nuts and steel thin nuts fabricated using quality raw material and are in line with the international standards. Being exceptional brands in eminence and precision in dimensions, these nuts can tolerate extreme working conditions and pressure.

Hex Lock Nuts Nylon insert are exclusively used for fastening to a bolt mechanically combining the materials together. The bolt threads into the nylon material are located at the top of the nut. This method helps prevent loosening from shuddering.