Chemical Fixings

The chemical fixing formulas are intended to provide a superior strength, rock-solid bond and rapid cure in rock, stone, concrete, and masonry. These formulas are available in Cartridges, Anchor Bolts, Capsules and Studs that is required to produce a perfect Resin Bond.

The Chemical Capsules have a high pressured concrete strength. They are available in different dimensions and sizes. They are used for various drilling functions and for fixing devices and are supplied in a compact case complete with Application Tool, Mixing Nozzles, Resin, Blow Pump, Clean Brushes and Sleeves to make a Chemical Fixing into concrete or masonry.

The Chemical Anchor Studs are high in execution, secured, steadfast and hassle free with fixing basically are used in brick, stone, rock and other rock-solid regions.

Chemical anchoring methods are used for buildings and construction to fasten a wide multiplicity of components and fixtures. They are recognized for rapid concretion, better anti-hauling intensity; well adjust with standard materials including erosion- tolerance and easy operating performance. It is normally useful to fix stone sheets, curtain walls, advertisement boards and pipes.

Another Chemical fastener is Chemical Anchor Epoxy Acrylate Resin that creates strong union between stud and brick as well as concrete and other surfaces.

Epoxy Marble Adhesive provides excellent mechanical strength and adhesion to concrete, wood and metal surface. It can be over coated with epoxy coating system and is useful for filling gap and shrinkage cracks in concrete.

According to the present invention, the chemical fixing and adhesive configurations with epoxy resins are the bonding agents capable of enhancing the bonding strength of the adhesive, particularly at relatively high temperatures.