Masonry Drill Bits

Cutting through concrete or metal is not as easy as it seems. Masonry drill bit is tungsten carbide which is combined with a shaft made from stainless steel and is used for drilling in to concrete, stone, bricks, cement blocks and tiles. Masonry drill bit is precisely designed as long as the drill is being used by experienced worker and can be broken through misuse.

The masonry drill bits are available in different ranges. There are bits available that have exclusive twists in order to help in drilling into steel as well as other hard metal.

The masonry drill bits generally are with SDS shanks. These bits have spring- laden chuck which helps the bit to chuck with a swift hand-action. This is necessary for pierce these bits into masonry. The masonry drill bits are laced with silicon bronze alloy at the cutting edge helpful in some heavy-duty drilling.

These are also called as durium tipped drilled bits and are easily available at any hardware shop. Such masonry drill bits are very trendy with contractors, construction workers, erectors and fabricators and used for supplementary commercial purposes. They are used for heavy timber working or metal drilling. Remember that in case cheap quality drill bits are used, the hammering actions can consequence in shattering the bits.

The masonry drill bits are available in different sizes varying from 5mm in thickness up to 40mm. In case of drilling through masonry walls, bits measuring from 300mm to 400mm are used in order to drill competently. These are exceptionally long masonry drill bits which should be carefully handled. Hence, such a drill bit is habitually used byconstruction workers who are skilled in using such drills as well as bits.