SDS Drill Bits

SDS (Special Direct System) also known as Slotted Drive System or sometimes known as a slotted drive shaft. The SDS drills are exceptionally robust and used when extra strength is required for heavy duty jobs. These types of drills have three basic utilities that allow standard drilling, hammer stroke and chiseling.

SDS drills today come in immense varieties of different types and kinds, each one with their own particular function and appliance.

An ingenious and customized designed SDS-drill will attempt effectively anything – whether it’s on a building site or at home.

SDS drill bit is inserted by thrusting it into the chuck and is held in place by grooves in the bit. No tightening is needed as each bit is carefullydesigned to fit the chuck precisely.

The open grooves allow a rotation movement to be functional whilst the closed grooves allow the hammer action to lock the bit in its place. It is not possible for the drill bit to slip out of its place. They are taken out of the drill via a lock discharge system.

The SDS drill is very identical to the typical drill but has a much superior hammer action which gives greater power allowing more powerful hammer blows.

There are various sizes of SDS drills available for a very reasonable price such SDS, SDS Plus, SD Top and SD Max. The
mostly used size is the SDS Plus.

The most astonishing fact about the working with SDS drills is that when you are drilling substances such as concrete, masonry or bricks the SDS drill outperforms over its rivals by as much as drilling 90% faster.