Frame Fixings

Frame fixings are wall plugs with an extended sleeve, designed to fix wooden door and window frames and other woodwork to masonry walls, concrete, stone, brick or block work. The frame fixings extends through the frame being fixed, enabling the hole to be drilled straight through the frame and into the wall without the necessity of marking or re-positioning. Frame fixings are quick and easy to use. Frame Fixings are suitable for fixing windows frames, metal fittings, door frames, wooden patterns. Frame fixings aid rapid installation of timber or metal window and door frames to concrete, stone, brick or block work. Frame fixings are designed with nylon plug body for longer life and durability. Tough nylon sleeve prevents frame distortion while tightening the frame fixings. Frame fixings come with anti rotation lugs that prevent rotation of fixing during tightening. These powerful frame fixings have high grade plated steel screws and have deep ribbed jaws for extra bite into material. Heavy ribbing ensures a tight hold even in weak materials such as aerated blocks.

Frame Fixings have the advantage of accurate hole alignment and depth. Frame Fixings are fast, durable light weight fixings. Frame fixings are the practical range of anchors and fixings for securing items to all types of masonry and concrete. Frame fixings is much more controlled than nails, and allows you to remove the skirting much more easily later.