Cobalt Drill Bits

Drill bits offer the best durability and speed for general purpose drilling applications. Cobalt Drill Bits easily drill through the hardest materials! Use these cobalt bits to drill through the hardest materials such as stainless steel and they will still retain their edge. Cobalt Drill Bits can also be used on alloy & hardened steel, cast iron, & titanium. One useful DIY application is drilling out the remains of other broken drill-bits. These cobalt drill bits can be run approximately 25% faster than those of High Speed Steel, because of Cobalt steel's ability to withstand high cutting temperatures. They should be used in a heavy duty setup with positive power feed, capable of producing heavy, uniform point pressure. Cobalt Drill bits are designed for heavy-duty drilling and are reputed to be the strongest drill bits available. Cobalt Drill bits possess a self-centering split point design which reduces skating. Cobalt drill bits offer the best heat resistance and overall bit hardness from the cobalt formulation gives the ability to penetrate exceptionally tough materials.