Chipboard Screws

Chipboard screws, also called speed screws, are specially developed to prevent the problems arising with the application of the conventional woodscrews in chipboard and different types of wood.

Chipboard screws have many technical improvements which ensure easy, and with modern tools, fast assembly, so saving on total costs. Chipboard screws have a sharp self-centering point, which make easier start of drilling and less risk of wobbling. Expensive and time-consuming pre-drilling is often unnecessary with Chipboard screws. The sharper and deeper profile of the chipboard screw's thread does not push aside the material, but cuts into it. Chipboard screws serve a better grip (up to 35% higher pull-out values) and up to 40% lower installation torque.

Chipboard screws are made of casehardened steel and surface-hardened. They are stronger and more wear resistant than woodscrews, increasing the cutting performance and preventing damage during installation. A toughened core avoids breaking of screw head at bending. Chipboard screws are provided with a special corrosion resistant lubricant causing a decrease of the installation torque. Chipboard screws are a coarse thread, fine shank screw used in chipboard and soft timbers to provide a strong hold and have minimal strip out.