Cavity Fixings

Need help with fixing a chandelier, coat hooks to hollow doors or any electrical fittings on cavity and solid walls? Help is at hand with the easy to use Cavity Fixings designed exclusively for your home improvement projects from Leo Fixings. Leo Fixings present a wide range of DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Cavity Fixings to suit every job. Cavity Fixings save valuable time and increase the outcome of a successful project with ease.

Cavity Fixings are high performance screws ideal for fixings heavy objects securely on soft-based partition boards. Cavity Fixings can be easily removed and re-used. Leo Fixings cavity fixings give simple and cost-effective solutions that are ideal for installation of sockets, light switches, and other electrical fittings.

Leo Fixings design a range of innovative cavity fixings that require no tools and low skill levels and provide quick fastening to cavity and solid walls.

Cavity Fixings are primarily of four types:

  • Aercrete Square Anchor
  • Plasterboard Metal Cavity Anchors
  • Plasterboard Speed Plugs
  • Plasterboard Spring Toggles

Plasterboard Spring Toggles are ideal for fixing to cavity walls and ceilings of low structural strength. They can be used for overhead fixings in plasterboard and installing electrical fittings on cavity walls. Cavity Fixings spreads load over wide area for extra load capacity.