Paslode Nails

Paslode nails are pneumatic fastening systems ideal for construction, remodelling and industrial applications.

Founded in 1935 by industrialist J.W. Leslie, Paslode nails provide the industry with a cost efficient way to increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue.

All through its history, Paslode has continuously improved manufacturing processes to develop nails that provide consistent nail placement within the strip to reduce or eliminate feeding problems, blank fires and jams, and stress on the driver blade.

Paslode nails offer solutions for framing, construction, sheathing & insulation needs. Paslode nails allow greater safety, manoeuvrability and versatility. Paslode's ability to shoot 2 to 3 nails per second makes it the best choice for all-day, every day use. Ideal uses for Paslode nails are for roofing, fencing, stud wall frames & flooring.

All Paslode fasteners feature high holding power, ease of drive and advanced collation methods. They are engineered to ensure trouble-free performance on the job site.

Paslode fasteners are of four types
1. RounDrive Nails
2. Coil Nails
3. Trim/Finish Nails

4. Staples