Plasterboard Fixings

Plasterboard Fixings are specially designed for plasterboard walls. Leo Fixings Plasterboard Fixings are available in ten different sizes to suit most wall thicknesses. They are available in pre-packed, retail display packs. Plasterboard Fixings are ideal for fixing heavy objects securely on soft-faced partition boards. Plaster board screws are one of the best ways to fasten Plasterboard to wood. Plasterboard screws are available in different lengths and have a bugle shaped head which prevents the head from tearing the paper covering on the plasterboard when fastening.

Tip on Plasterboard Fixing

Make sure that you know what is behind the plasterboard and avoid pipes, electric cables etc before fixing the plasterboard.

Leo Fixings Cavity Anchor Plasterboard Fixings are used for fixing heavy items in all types of hollow boards. These removable screws are ideal for removing fixtures during redecoration.