Collated Drywall

Collated screws are known in which the screws are connected to each other by a retaining strip of plastic material. Screws carried by such strips are adapted to be successively incrementally advanced to a position in alignment with and to be engaged by a bit of a reciprocating, rotating power screwdriver and screwed into a work piece. In the course of the bit engaging the screw and driving it into a work piece, the screw becomes detached from the plastic strip, leaving the strip as a continuous length.

Collated Screw Driving Systems have the benefits of increasing productivity and eliminating waste. People can use them in installing drywall, decking, sub-floors, exterior siding or sheathing, metal framing, and manufactured housing.

Collated Screws and Collated Screw Driving Systems are useful for the fact that they save time, no screws are wasted, and one man can do lids by himself.

Leo fixings Collated Drywall Screws come with a Black Phosphate finish for increased durability and are designed for fitting dry linings to studding. .

Collated strip is designed specifically for use with mechanical screw fastening machines.